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Games Sponsorship wants to sponsor your game

What do you mean by sponsorship?

Sponsorship means that we pay you money to put our logos

and link CLITGAMES.COM TEXT, into your game

just like

and you agree that any distribution of that game will always have that "branding" in place. You still retain all the rights to your game and get credit for the making the game. You will also be able to create a link in the game credits that takes players back to your website.

What games you are looking for?

.swf/html5 games!

How Do I Get Started?

Submit your game to us before it has appeared publicly on the web. Please provide a private url where we can sample your game or attach .swf/html5 files We review your game. If we decide to sponsor it we negotiate price and provide you materials to add our sponsorship including logos and links. Once the final game is approved, we send you your money. You are free to post the sponsored version of the game on Newgrounds, Flashkit, etc. Repeat previous steps as many times as you want ;)

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